3 piece Animal and Butterfly Canvas Print
by Nuby Collection


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Animals and butterflies are nature’s one of the most beautiful and adorable living creations. They bring joy, happiness, and smiles to any place they are added to, and now you can add their glory to your baby’s nursery with ease and perfection, by placing this stunning animal and butterfly canvas to the walls. It comes in set of 3 pieces and every inch of them is hand painted by talented artists, to give it a natural appeal. The animal and butterfly combination is always loved and adored by everyone, and now your little one can smile and feel happiness every time they gaze around their room. It will also make the nursery more warm and inviting to the other members of the house. Vibrant colors and quality materials is what makes a baby’s world more magnificent and safe. With this animal and butterfly canvas wall art, you can bring in the best for your baby and it’s easy to stick back makes everything simpler. You can simply stick it on the wall and peal it off whenever you want.


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