3 piece Princess Canvas Print
by Nuby Collection


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Every little girl dreams of the day when she wakes up as a princess in a magical land filled with color and beauty. Even though, fairytales are myths, you can still bring the happiness and essence of the magic into your baby girl’s nursery with this stunning piece of Princess Wall Art on Canvas. It is designed with Disney’s three most popular princesses: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Bella. Inspire your young baby to become powerful, independent and kind from the beginning by having these adorable princesses watch over her through this beautiful wall art. This 3 piece wall art is designed with immense details and designing, all done by hand painting, to give every inch of the wall art a life-like appeal. The pink and green backgrounds along with mesmerizing princesses dancing on top will make your baby girl smile every time she gazes around the room.


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