Baby Bongo
by Edushape


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Encourage your baby to develop skills while playing music with Baby Bongo by Edushape. This is a beautiful bongo set of two that comes with colorful and baby safe bongos These are easy to play bongos that encourage kids to develop creativity and coordination. This also makes the interest of the baby in the music, rhythm, and sounds as the baby of any age can play these bongos. This set also helps in adding to the baby’s skills like visual sensory development, fine and gross motor skills, auditory sensory development, hand-eye coordination and tactile sensory development. The bongos come in an assorted combination of colors like white, red, yellow, green and blue This is a perfect musical gift that can be given to the toddlers on birthday and they will love and enjoy playing with it. So make fun learning, playing and getting the knowledge of music altogether with these bongos


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