Bucket Top Mountain Train Set
by KidKraft


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The Bucket Top Mountain Train Set by KidKraft is an attractive play set comprising of 61 pieces, a long winding track, three waterfalls, lakes, molded mountains, police station, fire truck and molded plastic roofs. The set also consists of helicopter, helipad, airplane, deluxe airport, runway, street signs, happy town people, and trees and so on. The Bucket Top Mountain Train Set is manufactured by the illustrious brand KidKraft and is hence of very high quality. This train set is recommended for children of 3 years of age and above. This train play set measures 34.75"L x 23.5"W x 5"H and stimulates the mental growth and development of a child. It helps considerably in the development in the fine motor skills. When the child builds the train set, that involves small objects to build train station or town through which the train travels, she or he is developing the fine motor skills. These skills are an integral part of many of life’s important functions.


  • 61 Pieces
  • Long, winding track
  • Molded mountain with three waterfalls and a lake – mountain doubles as the lid of the bucket the train set comes in
  • Fire truck and police station with molded plastic roofs
  • Deluxe airport with helicopter, helipad, airplane and runway
  • Smiling townspeople, trees, street signs and other fun accessories
  • Compatible with Thomas & Friends® wooden train sets and Brio® wooden train sets.
  • Product Dimensions: 34.75"L x 23.5"W x 5"H 61 Pieces

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