Castanets - Display 36 pc
by Edushape


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Help your baby to know about colors and animals with Castanets –Display 36 Pc by Edushape. These are the cute and brightly colored castanets that have cute animals faces and fit very easily in tiny hands of your little one. Along with playing and helping in learning music this set also helps in developing and enhancing the skills of your baby. This musical set helps in learning and enhancing logic and reasoning skills, fine and gross motor skills, tactile sensory development, auditory sensory development, hand-eye coordination and visual sensory developing. Besides enhancing these skills baby develops intelligence, ability to identify colors and animals and promote a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly the baby will move their hands up and down thereby exercising wrist and figuring out more flexibility. Give your baby this beautiful toy as a gift for their holiday or birthday which is a multi-purpose set for playing and learning.


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Brand: Edushape Item No: HL304/36
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