Baby Diapers, Bath & Potty

When we’re talking basic baby needs, we’re talking diapering. Until they’re fully potty-trained, babies and toddlers (and all the adults in their lives) rely on diaper products for cleanliness, convenience, health and safety.

Diaper needs go far beyond the diapers themselves. You have to store them, dispose of them and wash them (if they’re cloth). For outings, you’ll need something to carry them in, as well as easy-to-use wipes. It sounds like a lot—fortunately, this stage of parenthood is only temporary.

In this website section, you’ll find everything you need for diapering your baby or toddler, from the diapers themselves to attractive bags for carrying them. BabyDepotUSA is pleased to provide you with every detail, and to see you through from newborn diapers to potty training!

Diaper Storage

Leaving the house with a baby is a bit of an ordeal. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere without diapers or bottles, and need storage that keeps everything organized and accessible. Our diaper and bottle bags are the perfect solution!

Bottle Bags

Bottle bags are designed to keep your liquids at the proper temperature with quality insulation and zippers. Big enough to fit bottles of various sizes, these bags are portable and feature attractive patterns. See all of our bottle bags here.

Diaper Bags

You know you need to carry more than just a couple of diapers. Our diaper bags have compartments for diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, toys and so much more for those times when you’re away for the day. Best of all, they come in a range of styles to suit your preference. Learn more about our diaper bags today!

Storage Caddies

(no content) Keep your changing table and surrounding area organized with storage caddies. These items can hold diapers, creams, wipes, lotions and more to keep changings quick and easy. Check out our entire selection of storage caddies now!


(no content) Need a way to carry a few books or toys, or just enough for a quick trip that doesn’t require the diaper bag? Grab a tote that features colors and patterns that match your style, and holds just the right amount. See all of our totes here.


You have the choice to opt for disposable, cloth or a combination of both diaper types when you have a baby. Take some time to check out our inventory, and decide what system will work best for your needs.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering can seem intimidating at first, but trust us—it isn’t. With our starter kit and cute diaper options, you might even enjoy those changings. Many of our styles are designed to grow with your baby, and you’ll get long-lasting value from each and every one of them. Check out our cloth diaper line here!


As your baby grows, they’ll spend more and more time in the bathroom, learning to use the potty and taking joyous bubble baths. Be ready for all of it when you stock up on towels, potty chairs and more.

Baby Boots

Booties are perfect for the tiniest of babies because they keep tootsies warm and look adorable. Our baby boots are perfect for those months before rolling and crawling, and ideal for baby pictures. Find all of our baby boots here.

Bath and Potty

Tiny fingernails, teeth and heads of hair need accessories like clippers, silicone brushes and hair brushes. We carry a range of kits and essentials for stocking your bathroom, as well as towels, toys and potty chairs. Check out the full bath and potty collection now.


Many of our bathing and accessory kits work wonderfully as gifts. Make sure the new parents are fully stocked for feeding, bathing and grooming with one of our adorable gift sets. You can see all of our gifts today!

Gift Sets

Blankets, towels and booties are that much more adorable when they come in a matching set. For the parents that love to be color coordinated at every turn, our gift sets make the perfect present. Learn more about our gift sets here.

Hooded Towels

Few things are cuter than a clean baby in a hooded towel. Pick out your favorite ones and bundle up after a bath. Available in a variety of designs and patterns, these towels will match your nursery and bathroom. See all of our hooded towels now!

Other Accessories

When it comes to diapering, bathing and dressing, you can always use more storage. Here you’ll find caddies, shelve and hangers, as well as drapes, curtains and other fabrics. Find all of our other accessories here.

Water Play

Animal toys, magnets, water crayons and more will keep your little one busy and happy in the tub. Not only fun, many of the toys are educational as well. Check out our water play items here!

We are proud to bring you diaper and bathing products from quality brands including Trend Lab, Diaper Dude, PiyoPiyoUSA and Edushape.

Our mission at BabyDepotUSA is to provide high quality, fashionable baby products at competitive prices. Better yet, we fill the gaps other online baby gear retailers leave with thorough product descriptions you can trust. Shop for all your baby needs from the comfort of your own home!