Edu-Fit Mega Pack
by Edushape


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Edu-Fit Mega Pack by Edushape is a series of baby size fitness set specially made for the fitness of the little one. This colorful and beautiful set includes an Edu-Fit training mat, a pair of Edu fit Edu-weights, the Edu-Fit power stretch and An Edu-Fit my first ball. The Edu-Fit training mat is a soft and colorful workout mat that stimulates head lifting and strengthening neck and upper body. The Edu-Fit weight shakers come in a set of two in various textures in high contrast and a bright pattern having and integrated mirror, jangles, and rattle and having the weight of 45 gms each. The Edu-Fit power stretch comes in high contrast pattern with various textures having a mirror, sound, and crinkle flaps and vibrates when pulled. The Edu-Fit my first ball is a soft, bright and plush ball in red color and has high contrast ribbing and makes a sound when rolls.


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