Baby bedding, Bedding Accesories

The checklist for your baby’s nursery goes beyond baby cribs sheets, blankets and crib bedding sets, and new parents feel pressure to get everything ready on time. Each baby bedding item must be clean and accessible by baby’s arrival, and you want the space inviting, comfortable and coordinated.

Overwhelmed? BabyDepotUSA is here to help you simplify. From fitted sheets to baby bedding accessories to lovely mobiles (and everything in between), we’ve got what you need to complete the perfect nursery, beyond crib bedding

Here you’ll find baby and toddler bedding, as well as additions like canopies and mobiles. We’ve got protective products like mattress pads and rail covers, and must-have storage for diapers and toys. It’s one-stop shopping for your baby’s new home.

Baby and Toddler Bedding

Your new baby or older child will be happy to sleep through the night with our complete baby nursery bedding setup and bedding collections!

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are essential nursery bedding, and you can’t have too many! From the receiving and swaddling blankets used in the first few months to the “lovie” security blanket your toddler requires for sleep, you’ll use them for everything from warmth to clean-up. Check out our collection of baby blankets now.

Crib Bedding Sets

In the busy life of parents, it’s nice to have something that always coordinates well. Our baby crib bedding sets will see your baby into toddlerhood with matching crib sheets, blankets and more to make your nursery feel put together. Learn more about our crib bedding sets today.

Kids Pillows & Shams

Your toddler loves to snuggle into a familiar bed at night, and what’s more central to that than a fun pillow? Our kids pillows and shams come in a range of colors and patterns to suit your changing (and your child’s developing) tastes. Select your favorite kids pillows and shams now.

Mattress Pads and Covers

Your baby’s mattress and changing table see a lot of traffic, and pads and covers make clean up much easier for crib bedding sets. The soft covers also give your baby more comfort during changings. Choose from the colors and patterns that coordinate with the nursery for these parts of your baby bedding sets. Check out our mattress pads and covers.

Moses Baskets

The original portable crib! Moses baskets are a sweet, safe and simple way to let your baby sleep in any room or even outside. These durable baskets come with a variety of liners to match your baby’s nursery, your room or anything else. See our collection of Moses baskets today.

Toddler Bed Sets

Whether they’re in the crib or “big kid” bed, your toddler will love the colorful blankets and pillows of these bed sets. Including shams and comforters, as well as fun touches like bed skirts, these really bring the room together. Learn more about our toddler bed sets.

Baby Bedding Accessories

Now that you have the basics, personalize your baby’s nursery just a little more with these fun baby bedding accessories to go with your crib bedding sets!


Older kids especially love this decorative touch in the bedroom. Choose from simple and more elaborate canopies to give your bedding set and nursery a truly classic and complete look. Select your favorite canopy from our collection.

Crib Bumpers

Put a soft layer between your baby and the crib spindles with one of our crib bumpers. Easily coordinated to match crib sheets and blankets, these are perfect for the older baby who still loves to play in the crib. Check out our full crib bumper inventory!

Crib Sheets

Crib sheets are an easy way to add some fun to your baby’s nursery. Since they get changed often, you’ll need a decent supply, and our crib sheets selection of classic and modern patterns keeps baby nursery bedding interesting. Check out all of our crib sheets now.

Diaper Stackers

Nothing’s worse than wrestling a diaper out of the plastic packaging when you need it most. Fill up one of our diaper stackers with the size you need and keep changings fast and easy. Choose your diaper stackers today!

Mosquito Nets

This protection is vital for warm climates and sound sleep. Mosquito nets safely embrace your baby’s crib to keep out pesky bugs and all that comes with them. Learn more about our mosquito nets.

Musical Mobiles

Sure they’re pretty, but musical mobiles are a great way for your baby to exercise that little brain! Choose from a range of whimsical, fun and even educational styles to hang above baby’s crib. See all of our musical mobiles.

Pillow Packs

Designed to complement our other bedding pieces, pillow packs are great for propping up your arms when holding that new baby, and will become beloved as they grow into toddlerhood. Find the perfect pillow packs for your needs.


Made to match many of our other blankets and pillows, the quilts make a great addition to a toddler’s room. Select your favorite from a range of bright colors and fun patterns and characters. Check out our inventory of quilts today!

Rail Cover-Ups

Protect your furniture and your baby with an attractive cover for the crib rail. As with the bumpers, crib rails are easily matched with our other bedding pieces. Learn more about rail cover-ups.


Complete the look of your toddler’s room with bed skirts to match the comforters and pillows. Skirts are available for cribs, twin and full-size beds. Choose your favorite bed skirts now.

Toy Bags

Make some room when you hang these attractive toy bags just beneath the ceiling. It’s the perfect place for soft toys you want out of the way but easily accessed. Check out our toy bags now!

As always, you can count on us to feature top brands including Trend Lab, Cotton Tale Designs, One Grace Place, Piyo Piyo, GEENNY, Snuggleberry Baby, DK Leigh, My Baby Sam, Glenna Jean and Pam Grace Creations.

BabyDepotUSA is committed to providing quality, fashionable products like baby cribs and crib bedding sets at affordable prices, and filling the gap other online baby product stores leave by providing more thorough product details you can see before you buy. Best of all, you can do the shopping from the comfort of your own home!