Crib bumpers
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Baby Crib Bumpers to Match Any Nursery Décor

Baby crib bumpers are most ideal for older babies who can easily lift themselves into upright positions, but are still young enough to fall into the sides of the crib. They add an attractive piece to baby’s bedding, and save on a few bumps and bruises.

Easy to add to a baby crib, baby crib bumpers line the edges and tie to the spindles to provide some extra cushion for baby. At BabyDepotUSA, we carry a wide range to match your chosen nursery décor.

Baby Crib Bumpers In Solid or Varied Patterns

Baby crib bumpers can act as a great accent to some of the more repetitive bedding patterns in the nursery. While many have solid patterns that repeat all the way around the baby crib, others are broken up with contrasting patterns or characters like the Cat in the Hat.

For older babies, these patterns are fun and entertaining, and something to enjoy while falling asleep or upon waking up.

Top Quality from Top Brands

The baby crib bumpers we carry come from top brands such as Cotton Tale Designs, Trend Lab, My Baby Sam, Inc. and One Grace Place. You always know that you’re getting the best quality, as well as the most attractive items for the nursery. Better yet, these pieces are easily washed and installed to keep your life simpler.

Check out the thorough descriptions of baby crib bumpers that we provide, and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home today!