Original Snap Beads - Package
by Edushape


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Help your baby in learning mix and match of things with Original Snap Beads-Package by Edushape. These are colorful and beautifully textured snap-together beads having an easy release pressure. For easy and sensory grip highly well-defined lumps and bumps have been provided. These colorful beads also help in enhancing the skills of the baby like visual sensory development, logic and reasoning, gross motor skills, socialization, hand-eye coordination, auditory sensory development, fine motor skills, color recognition, socialization and tactile sensory development. The beads are ultimate for the early learning and development of the baby and also a great playing accessory for babies. These beads come in a packaging that is easy for gift wrapping. This is the ultimate toy for the early learning, development of skills and a great playing accessory. This is an ideal discovery and an immense manipulative toy


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