Sensory Ball - Set Of 4
by Edushape


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Sensory Ball- Set Of 4 By Edushape are a perfect way to develop and enhance the skills of your child along with playing. Your child will love these 4” see through balls because of their nubby texture and the stretching and contracting of rubber while squeezing as it would help in providing marvelous sensory and dexterity-building play. These sensory balls are easy to hold, catch and super elaborative and baby can squeeze, throw, kick or roll these ball easily. With their tactile bumps when they are softly rolled at the child’s back and feet help in sensory motivation and massage stimulation, these balls are ultimate for sensory playing also. These colorful balls help in enhancing gross and fine motor skills along with inspiring tactile awareness, hand-eye coordination, and socialization. These sensory balls come in many different colors like red, yellow, blue and green and they are fully inflated. These balls can be re-inflated with built in basketball pin receptacle.


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