Serene Express Duo Electric Breast Pump
by Rumble Tuff


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The Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Electric Breast Pump is the perfect blend of high quality and convenience in a small and portable design. This versatile pump is electric-powered, battery operated and can also be used as a manual pump as per the requirement. It comes with three expression patterns and eight vacuum suction levels, which enables you to customize the pump to mimic your baby’s natural feeding pattern. It is also equipped with a vacuum adjusting wheel, which offers 8 suction adjustment levels for every pattern. It is outfitted with a built in memory, which stores the information related to your favorite pumping patterns and recalls the same for future sessions. It’s easy-to-read LCD also comes with alarm and clock. With the help of its close system diaphragm you can prevent the breast milk to reach the motor or tubing.


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