Sweet Assist Manual Breast Pump
by Rumble Tuff


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The Sweet Assist Manual Breast Pump by Rumble Tuff is an innovative device, especially designed for modern mother on the go. With utmost efficiency, plenty of comfort, easy accessibility and hygiene; this manual breast pump is one of the best in market. The pump can be assembled in two simple ways; traditionally with one-hand operation and two-hand operation with the help of assisted handle. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and operate, plus it helps alleviates muscle fatigue associated with using a breast pump. It is equipped with two user controlled pattern, which are created to mimic a baby’s feeding pattern. This amazing feature allows you to choose the pattern that closely resembles your baby’s natural feeding pattern. You can manually adjust the suction strength of the pump with its vacuum adjusting knob. The pump is lightweight and travel-friendly, perfect for moms on the go.


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