Baby Toys and Playsets

For babies and toddlers, play is work. It might not always look productive, but those little brains are making connections and developing at rapid rates.

Right now, the best thing you can do is provide toys that stimulate the imagination and encourage movement. Your little ones will amaze you with the problem-solving and motor skills they use to get the most out of each and every item.

Here, you’ll find something for every phase and taste of childhood, from the whimsical to the rough-and-tumble to the educational. Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday or just because, we have the perfect toy for your growing child.

Dolls and Plush

Encourage pretend play and cuddling with dolls, doll houses and plush toys. There’s nothing the imagination can’t do!

Doll Houses

In an array of styles and sizes, these doll houses will provide your little one with hours of play. Also available are furniture items like doll beds and table sets. Check out all of our doll houses here.

Doll Furniture

Beds, buggies, high chairs and tables all await a favorite doll for hours of fun. Choose from cheery whites or rich wooden tones for these little replicas. See our entire collection of doll furniture today!

Stuffed Toys

Cuddly animals and dolls are the perfect companion for naptime, playtime and nighttime. Select the perfect friend, who might stick with your little one for years to come. Choose from all of our stuffed toys now!

Learning and Activity

Play is learning during these early years, and kids love toys that let them be creative, or even mimic adults in mundane tasks. These items make great gifts for all occasions!

Building Sets

Whether you choose a collection of shapes or a set of toy traffic signs, these sets allow your child to create worlds and scenarios while working on coordination and motor skills. Learn more about our building sets here.


Foster your little artist with this ultimate tool. Great for drawing and painting, easels are highly functional and easily stored in your home. Check out all of our easels here.


Try out LED centers and activity tablet games to let your little one experiment with electronic fun. Learn more about our games today!

Grade School Toys

Give your growing child opportunities for acting like a “grown up” with play furniture, kitchen helpers and even pedal cars! With classic styles and quality manufacturing, these fun pieces will also look great in your home. See all grade school toys here.


Start your own band with drums, shakers, flutes and more, all in bright colors and clean styles. Encourage creativity and skill building while making great music together. Choose your favorite music toys now!

Play Sets

Our play sets include dress-up, birthday cake, pirate and cooking sets, as well as something for the little ones with bead mazes and simple puzzles. Learn more about our play sets here.

Pre-School Toys

Find something for those youngest students who aren’t quite ready to roam the neighborhood on their own. See our entire collection of pre-school toys now!

Puzzles and Games

From table-top activities to tile sets that cover the floor, these puzzles and games can provide fun for the entire family. We’ve got a collection that features the entertaining and educational items your kids will love. Select your favorite puzzles and games today!

Pretend Play

No one can pretend like a child, and it’s one of the best parts of watching them grow. These toys are designed to encourage pretend play at a variety of ages, and even parents can get in on the fun!

Construction Zone

From those first two-block towers to extensive castles and bridges, kids love to build. Perfect for nurturing creativity, motor skills and problem-solving, these sets are available in a variety of materials and sizes. See all construction zone options here.

Infants and Toddlers

Babies learn to play before walking and talking, and enjoy whimsical pieces and toys that encourage movement. Start with playmats and plastic rings and watch them move on to balls and snap beads. View all toys for infants and toddlers today!


Always a favorite, toy kitchens and kitchen sets provide hours of fun. These pieces come in an array of styles, sizes and colors, and fit into the corner of your own grown-up kitchen. Learn more about our play kitchens now!

Knights and Castles

Fantasy comes alive when your little ones plays with these miniature sets. With the right people, animals and buildings, kids can enact amazing scenarios and stories. Check out our knights and castles toys here.


Future aviators will love sitting in these fantastic and colorful play planes! Featuring classic styles and paint jobs, they look just like the real thing. Pick out your favorite planes today!

Play Vehicles

Trucks and trains will get the job done in no time. These wooden play vehicles look great and roll easily across the playroom floor for hours of fun. See all of our play vehicles now!

Push and Pedal Cars

Toddlers and young kids will ride around the neighborhood in style in one of our push and pedal cars. Choose from classic models and bright colors that are sure to get a honk or two on the “road.” Learn more about our push and pedal cars here.


For the tiniest hands, these simple toys will provide giggles and simulation at playtime. From stackables to nap time lullabies, they’re perfect for the infant in your life. Check out our toys here.


No toy’s more timeless than the train, going over the hills and through the trees. Your little one will love setting it up with you, and then watching the cars explore the landscape. View all of our trains now!


Get your little one cycling with one of these durable tricycles. Available in a range of colors, they’re a safe step before you move on to training wheels and two-wheelers. See our collection of tricycles here.

Outdoor Play

Kids need plenty of fresh air, and outdoor toys are a great way to ensure the whole family gets outside. We’ve got just what you need!

Outdoor Furniture

Chairs, tables, benches and umbrellas let the little ones have their own parties right along with the adults. This outdoor furniture is great for eating, relaxing or even doing art projects outside. Check out all of our outdoor furniture today!


The classic sandbox provides the experiences of textures, building and digging right in the safety of your own back yard. See all of our sandboxes here.

Among the top toy brands that we bring to you are Teamson, KidKraft, Edushape, Pio Piyo, Airflow Collectibles Inc., Fantasy Fields, Winland, Lipper International Inc. and Guidecraft.

BabyDepotUSA is proud to carry quality items that are both fashionable and well-priced. We fill the gap left by other baby product online stores with detailed product descriptions that you can read before purchase. Get everything you need for baby from the comfort of your own home!