» Choosing right mattress will protect your baby from different chemicals

Choosing right mattress will protect your baby from different chemicals

Posted on: October 20, 2014

Every parent takes extra precautions for the welfare and safety of their baby. When we start purchasing the essential items for the baby, parents need to ensure that the material they purchase is suitable for the child. In the modern world we can’t escape from chemicals. Almost everything contains some sort of chemical in it. It may turn harmful if we did not take any precautions. This also holds true when we buy mattresses for the baby crib set. The role of infant mattresses is to provide safe and comfortable sleep to the baby. A baby’s mattress contains padding, flame retardant material and chemicals too. Even the cover of mattress may contain chemicals. So when you go on shopping for a baby’s mattress you will get a choice of two types of mattress viz., petroleum based product and the other option is to choose natural fibers in the form of wool or cotton. 

According to a survey taken by various agencies around 72% of manufacturers have been using one type of chemical or more in the mattress. Some of the chemicals which have been in use in the mattress include in vinyl, polyurethane and other lethal chemicals. Around 40% of mattresses covering contain chemical called vinyl and 22 percent of mattresses which are waterproof contain one type of chemical in it. Out of the lot only 20% manufacturers have been found using “green” components and they ensure that their products do not contain any type of toxic chemicals in it. Eight percent of manufacturers were able to avoid potential allergens.

Crib mattress contains four layers. It has been found that one of the layers may contain any one type of chemical compound to make the mattress waterproof or fire resistant. Unfortunately, in order to provide some sort of protection to the baby these mattresses may prove fatal if a baby uses the mattress for a long time. It is the vinyl compound whose job is to make mattress waterproof, but in order to give the look, it contains chemicals which may create eye irritation or lung problems.

However, for the well-being of the children it becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to declare what chemicals the baby crib mattress may contain, it will help parents to decide whether to buy the product or not. In this scenario only the reputed brands may sometime honestly disclose the chemicals used for making mattress. 

Parents in the initial days of baby may look for organic mattress as it will protect the child from getting chemical base. The time is changing at a fast pace. It is the duty of the manufacturers to use safer chemicals and disclose the material used in manufacturing the mattress. Safer products used in baby’s items may go a long way in keeping the baby in good health. Manufactures of baby mattresses must use innovative ways to protect the baby from the hazardous of chemicals. In the absence of it a baby might get health related problems like itching, sneezing, rashing and other medical conditions.