Cloth Diaper Liners - MultiColor
by Trend Lab


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Babies have delicate skin so they need more protection from diaper rash, which is the most uncomfortable for them to bear. All Baby Cloth Diaper Liner from Trend Lab is specially designed to provide comfort to the little one’s soft and sensitive skin. Just a single sheet is enough to keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day. It is more helpful at the time when you are required to use nappy rash creams. It is ideal when you are travelling and do not dedicate much time for nappy changing. This pack of liners contains 2 packs of liners 15” * 6.1/4” with one snap in front and 3layers has throughout. In all these layers throughout the top layer has micro fleece and is of 100% polyester. The bottom layer is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. These liners are machine wash hot. For their long life do not bleach them. Also avoid using fabric softeners, fabric whiteners and dryer sheets. You cannot dry clean them as well.


  • ALL BABY CLOTH DIAPER LINERS - 2 Pack Liners; 15" x 6 1/4" With 1 Snap In Front; 3 Layers Throughout; Micro Fleece Top Layer
  • top layer: 100% polyester micro fleece; bottom layer: 80% polyester/20% polyamide; 3 layers throughout
  • Machine wash hot; Line dry; Do not bleach; Do not use fabric softeners, fabric whiteners, or dryer sheets; Do not dry clean

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