» Facts about baby bibs

Facts about baby bibs

Posted on: July 20, 2015

First time parents have to deal their first baby with care. In the absence of any help from the elders in the family or colleagues they have to take care of their baby with great care. However, dealing with baby in every act is a fun and exciting experience. Baby provides a lot of adventures with his/her act that first time parents have to be ready to expect what’s next. Take for example, the case of using baby bibs. Baby bibs are a great resource through which a kid’s precious clothes could be saved from the milk spills from the baby’s mouth while feeding. In the absence of a good quality baby bib a baby’s sensitive skin can prone to rashes and other allergies depending on the ingredients being used.

It will thus be prudent that instead of spending money on expensive items or a meeting with a reputed child specialist, bibs comes handy. So parents have to use good quality baby bib for the protection of baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby bibs thus provide the required protection to a baby’s cloth from getting stained. These small towel like pieces or bibs are a great absorbents and will prevent baby’s clothes from getting mess. There are so much different variety of baby bibs each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Types of baby bibs

Bandana Bibs are great for babies who are teething, and dribble a lot. These bibs act like a handkerchief folded in half so as to form a triangle and tied around the neck as a part of decoration. Babies can’t remove them easily as they are tied around the back of the neck of a baby. These bibs absorb a lot more dribble as compare to their counterparts.

Scoop bibs on the other hand are made of plastic and are able to catch food as it falls. Because they are made of plastic they can be easily cleaned. These bibs provide a sense of independence to the parents and even babies can feed themselves easily without any fear of food fall. Use these plastic bibs only for meal times as a kid can’t feel comfortable while wearing it.

Another type of baby big is known as Coverall bibs. These bibs are used only on a baby’s upper body. These are also plastic bibs and are meant for a bit older babies. Those babies who can easily feed themselves, but do not know how to clean them. These baby bibs come in different patterns and designs with cartoon picture embedded on them. These bibs look great on a baby and they are easy to clean also.

Baby bibs for Newborns

It’s a common myth for new parents who understand that these bibs are good for only older children. But the fact is that even bibs are also meant for newborns or toddlers as well. As soon as a baby start drinking milk you can make use of these bibs which protect baby’s clothes from spit-outs.

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