» Keeping baby nursery free from Toxic

Keeping baby nursery free from Toxic

Posted on: July 16, 2015

In order to spend life in a placid way, the health of baby and mother is essential. That could be the reason why you as a mother has to spend your most part of the life taking care of your body and baby. The health of your baby is quite important otherwise you will have to spend most of your time in anxiety. Thus it is imperative to take care of every baby product you buy with care taking care of all its pros and cons and pointing out which baby product is right for you. One of the leading steps you will have to take in this direction is to make the environment of your nursery dynamic. 

New-born or toddlers spend majority of their time in baby nursery. So you will have to start taking care of the environment of the baby nursery. Your job in this direction would be to design a non-toxic nursery environment. This will help in reducing baby’s exposure to detrimental chemicals.

Start with Crib bedding — new born spend around 12 to 16 hours a day in the crib, thus crib should be away from toxins found in home. Moreover, you will have to purchase a crib which is made of non-toxic material and finished with absolutely no or low VOC (Volatile organic Compounds) paints and stains. When shopping around you will find that Cribs are made of solid wood, stacked plywood or MDF. But MDF in general practice is considered non-toxic. Now-a-days due to the awareness, most of the renowned brands use non-toxic material while introducing new baby products. These brands use non-hazardous MDF in addition to solid wood. While acquiring the product you should ensure that your crib is innocuous and has met all obligatory safety standards. Well-known crib manufacturers examine organizations like JPMA or Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association or the ASTM to cross check products and materials whether these are safe. A good brand or manufacturer will provide all the information regarding the materials used in the baby crib set and whether they have completed the safety standards. 

As far as mattress of a baby crib is concerned, choose organic mattress which are non-toxic. As majority of baby mattress you might come across have been linked to childhood health problems. Currently health researchers have started believing that most of the childhood health problems are related to the toxic exposure a baby might come across accidentally while using the products in a baby nursery. The primary filing material which is used in almost all conventional crib set can be found in organic cotton and coils. 

The mattress for a baby should be firm which should support baby's developing back. Ask for baby mattresses which are packed with organic cotton and coils and not foam. Most of the health friendly mattress contain non-toxic baking soda, hydrated silica and cellulose fibre as natural flame retardants. 

Organic bedding is now-a-days becoming more prevalent so take care before buying a baby product whether it contain toxicity or not. Visit our site www.BabyDepotUSA.com for more ideas.