Maternity & Nursing Clothes

In the world of baby products, so much is about baby’s comfort and safety, as it should be. However, when it comes to maternity and nursing, it’s all about mom’s comfort and convenience.

No two pregnant moms are exactly alike, but one thing is certain: your body is going to be different. At some point, you’ll need clothes that not only fit your ever-changing shape, but allow for easier movement and relaxation. Once baby arrives, your body continues to change, especially if you decide to breastfeed.

Here you’ll find everything you need for your pregnancy and nursing wardrobe, from tanks to leggings to dresses. We also carry nursing products and accessories like covers, pumps and storage. Our goal is to make mamas as comfortable as possible during this special phase of parenthood.

Breast Pumps

Every nursing mother should own a breast pump. Long days at work, unexpected separations and any other situation that leads to one or more missed feedings can hinder breastfeeding. Pumps are the simplest way to maintain your supply when you can’t be with your baby.

Electric Pumps

Available in single or double versions, electric breast pumps mimic the sucking action of a baby without demanding energy from you. Paired with appropriate nursing bras, they allow your hands complete freedom. Learn about our electric pumps today!

Manual Pumps

Manual breast pumps are portable, and don’t require plugs or batteries. Our manual pumps are designed to be not only effective, but also easy to use and fatigue-minimizing. See all of our available manual pump options here.

Maternity Clothes

Even your comfiest clothes can’t always cut it by those last months of pregnancy. Whether you’re looking for comfortable sleepwear or dresses for nights out on the town, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Labor Gowns

Who says you have to wear a hospital labor gown when giving birth? Look and feel fabulous during one of the most amazing experiences of your life in one of these lovely pieces. Check out our whole collection of labor gowns now!

Maternity Dresses

You fully intend to go to work, attend that wedding and go out for dinners while pregnant, but your favorite dresses no longer fit. Find something for every occasion and every phase of pregnancy in our collection. See all of our maternity dresses here.

Maternity Leggings

Leggings are stretchy, but not typically third-trimester-stretchy. When you want the best in comfort and style, opt for maternity versions that are designed to fit easily around your belly. Find the perfect maternity leggings today!

Maternity Tops

You might be able to make regular pants work for a while (with a trick or two), but your regular tops will quickly become too small for your changing shape. Find a wide variety of colors and styles for all occasions. Check out our maternity tops now!


Welcome to breastfeeding! This wonderful, and sometimes challenging job is made all the better with the right support. Find everything here that you’ll need for enjoyable, successful nursing.

Bibs and Burp Cloths

Even when no bottle’s involved, spills and spits can happen. Be ready for any mess with these adorable bibs and burp cloths, and have that steady supply of back-ups. See all of our bibs and burp cloths here.


Whether it’s for pumped breast milk or first foods, you’ll need containers for feeding your baby on the go. Choose from our products for various stages and foods, and be prepared when the little one is hungry. Learn more about our feeding supplies today!

Feeding Support Pillows

It might not always look labor-intensive, but nursing can take a toll on your arms, back, neck … pretty much everything. Give yourself a break with feeding support pillows that help you cradle baby while feeding. Check out our feeding support pillows here.

Nursing Covers

Nursing covers are handy when you’d like a little privacy. They also block out distractions for baby and can shield a breeze. Choose yours from an array of colors and styles, and enjoy breastfeeding anywhere, anytime. Select your nursing covers from our whole line here.

Nursing Dresses

When you breastfeed, pretty much everything you wear has to keep your chest accessible. Keep your wardrobe ready for any occasion with nursing dresses in a range of colors and styles. Many work as both maternity and nursing wear. See our entire collection of nursing dresses here.

Nursing Tanks

Nursing tanks are handy for wearing under regular tops for easy nursing, and are great on their own as well! Pick out your favorite colors and styles to complete your maternity and nursing wardrobe. Check out all of our nursing tanks today!

Nursing Tops

You want to be able to nurse anywhere, anytime, but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing pajamas whenever you leave the house, either. Our nursing tops are designed to look like regular clothes, yet allow for the necessary access to your chest. See all of our nursing tops colors and styles here.

Pump Accessories

Nursing and pumping are big jobs that are made much easier with the right support. We’ve got the nursing and pump accessories you need to feel prepared, comfortable and successful at every stage of this journey.

Nursing Pads

Especially in those early weeks, as your body adjusts to being post-partum and maybe breastfeeding, you’ll want to keep some protective products on hand. Nursing pads fit easily inside your bra to absorb any leaks, and can offer extra cushion for any irritation and tenderness. Learn more about nursing pads here.

Replacement Parts

Every now and then, your breast pump will need replacement parts. Visit our store for the electrical and plastic pieces that will keep your pump complete and effective. See all of our pump accessories now.

Storage Bottles

If you’re pumping milk, you’ll need storage bottles. These are designed to fit with our pumps for easy use and quick clean up. Check out storage bottles and other products today!

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