» What to look for in a baby crib set?

What to look for in a baby crib set?

Posted on: September 14, 2015

With the arrival of a new born baby, responsibility on the part of parents also escalates, as they have to buy suitable gears for the baby so that they can spend peaceful life and bring solace to parents. We know that babies spend a majority of time in their crib, thus buying a baby crib set of decent quality make some sense. Primarily, parents while choosing a baby crib bedding set look for comfort but at the same time, they should also pay heed to the safety part of the baby crib set as well.

Majority of parents start purchasing the crib set several months before the arrival of their baby. However, it’s not at all essential to buy a baby crib set before several months as parents can use bassinet for the first few weeks or for a couple of months also.

But it is a good idea to start planning for a baby crib set and start choosing the space as to where you will place the baby furniture along with the crib. At all cost choose a point to keep the baby crib set away from windows, window blinds and draperies. 

While choosing the mattress, look for foam mattresses as they are least expensive and are light in nature. You will find its thickness in the range from 3 to 6 inches. The thickness part of the mattress is also important, unfortunately brands usually do not portray the density part on the packing and you are not aware about this flaw. The better quality mattresses are high in density about 1.5 pounds per cubic foot.

Most of the cribs offer you the facility of changing the height of the crib mattress by raising or lowering the mattress support. You should start lowering the mattress when you see your child starts sitting up. As kids grow fast it becomes essential to see the safety part as no parent would like to see their kid climb or fall out of the crib.

While purchasing the baby crib set avoid fancy decoration which can break easily or pose choking hazard. Mostly, first time parent’s face the issue regarding selecting a better quality baby crib bedding set. However, with experience they become proficient when their second baby arrives. They thus become experts in picking good, durable and stylish colors, patterns and designs of baby crib sheets, mattress and quilts. They with familiarity know that they don’t have to buy pillows, cushions and stuffed animals, as they can be hazardous. These comfortable items in fact pose the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So it will be prudent that parents should buy baby crib set with great care and brain storming, as the future of their child in their hands. More than the comfort they should also pay attention to the safety aspect as well and don’t buy cheap or local products. It will be sensible to purchase baby crib set from renowned brands.